Welcome to Bluxart Support System!

Hi! Thanks for purchasing one of my themes, I really appreciate it!

Each product comes with it's own extensive documentation, complete with screenshots and video tutorials. Many support related questions can be answered simply by reading the documentation and watching the video tutorials. So, please take the time to read through the documentation included in the theme zip package.

But, If you still have a problems please feel free to open a ticket!

Please include the website URL and detailed information about your problem.

Scope of support

I can help you with:

- Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features 

- Fixing bugs and reported issues 

- Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

I can't help you with:

- WordPress general howto's (please, use wordpress.org for that) 

- Customization and installation services 

- Support for third party software and plug-ins 

- Individual server issues

Purchase verification

It's required to verify your purchase while submitting ticket (put your unique purchase code in the form). I can only provide support to verified tickets.

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