Important: Please read before posting!

Thanks for purchasing one of my themes and for registering to support system. Before going further, please read the following terms:

1. Please Verify your Purchase Code before opening a ticket. If you don't know how, check the screenshot.

2. Please Open a Publick Ticket if you don't have any sensitive information in it. Doing this you'll also help others with your question.

3. Support is offered only for Bugs & Small Tips. If you see a bug or you are a question how to customize the theme I will do my best to answer your query, but please note that themes are purchased as-is and anything which isn't advertised as possible is considered a custom request.

4. Support is also not offered for third party plugins, theme setup ( installation ) or custom work done the theme.

5. For Custom Request/Work please get a free quote from WP Kraken. I am not available for freelance work, so please don't ask.

6. Support is offered Monday - Friday, but please allow up to 24-48 hrs for your ticket to get reviewed and responded to.

7. Before asking for support, make sure that you:

  • Read the Documentation! Some issues arise because users don't read the instructions. Please read them.
  • See the Video Tutorials! Inside the documentation you can find the URL to video-tutorials for the themes. Please watch this.
  • Search through tickets! Before sending the ticket, spend 5 minutes to search similar tickets already opened.
    If you still can't find anything, you can open a support ticket!

8. Post as much info as you can on your errors: links, video & screenshots are always welcome! If you don't provide any, I might ask but you are loosing your time if you are in a different timezone than me ( Italy ).

9. I'm trying to do my best to responde all your request and make happy everyone!

Enjoy the theme and good luck!

Best Regards,