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color palette


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    Stefan started the conversation

    Hi Alessio,

    I have noticed that on theme update the color palette has to be saved again (without changing anything).

    Otherwise the colors do not appear on the pages.



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    Alessio replied

    Try to go in Theme Options Panel - Palette and click Save.

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    Stefan replied

    Yes I know this works! That’s what I said.

    But, so you would have to tell all people to do that after each theme update, wouldn’t you?


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    Alessio replied

    Because the theme create a custom css files for palette and other customization. When update the theme this file is reset, and only solution is re-save the theme options panel and this re-create the css file.

    However I try to find a solution for avoid this.

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    Stefan replied

    Thought so!

    But genius which you are I am sure you’ll succeed!

    Great great job!