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Importing Demo Content


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    Carlos started the conversation

    Hi Alessio nice to meet you!

    I´ve just purchased and trying to upload your theme to my site via Wordpress. I´ve been following your documentation step by step ( http://demo.az-themes.com/valkyrie/documentation/02-first-steps/import-demo-content/ )and the first option didn´t work so I also tried to do it via plugin One Click Demo Import as you suggest but also didn´t work. You have attachment with the errors I get over and over. First 2 attachmentas are from importing the classic way, and the other attachmentas are from the One Click Demo Import pluggin way, where I get two different errors...

    Thanks in advise,


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    Alessio replied


    - First you need install the required plugins: http://demo.az-themes.com/valkyrie/documentation/02-first-steps/install-plugins/

    - Also you have installed the required plugins, you can import the demo-content. Remember also to increase the server requirements: http://demo.az-themes.com/valkyrie/documentation/01-introduction/server-requirements/

    - Once you have installed the demo-content via One Click Demo Import, you need change the URL of images with this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/

    - And change the URL of the images like this images: https://cl.ly/2T2C2h2V3P3q

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    Carlos replied

    Hi Alessio thanks for the answer but I still get error with both methods. I´ve chanded PHP parameters as you recomended, and I aready have installed the required plugins from the begining.

    My PHP parameters are:

    • max_execution_time – 300
    • memory_limit – 256M
    • upload_max_filesize – 40M
    • max_input_vars – 10000
    • allow_url_fopen – ON

    Screenshots of error via both methods attached


    Attached files:  Captura de pantalla 2017-05-11 a las 10.34.24.png
      Captura de pantalla 2017-05-11 a las 10.41.00.png

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    Alessio replied

    The problem is your server: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/36534

    Are you sure the php parameters is set?
    Try this another steps.

    - Reset your wordpress installation with this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-reset/
    - Once you have reset your wordpress installtion, go to Settings - Media and set this option like this image: https://cl.ly/3H003g3r0K0b

    - Activate the theme, plugins and try to re-import with Once Click Demo Importer plugin.

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    Carlos replied

    I have done exactly as you said and still get the > Error: OK (200).

    I am sure my PHP parameters are those I wrote before.

    Do you believe  the problem is my server? What exactly? What can I ask my host provider to make this theme work?

    Do you need specific info?


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    Alessio replied

    The problem or error depends from your server. Because when you import all media files ( via import xml ) wordpress resize each image based to settings - media.

    However can you test the theme in a local envoriment like MAMP or XMAMP, for install all the demo pages.

    In your online version you can install only the theme, and create the page you want and just copy/paste the content from the local site to online site.

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    Carlos replied

    I have no experience with those programs, I prefer to try to fix the problem with my host provider, but I need to know:
    - what is the problem and what I have to ask my provider to fix it?

    I´ve installed other themes with the same host provider and parameters, and no problem at all.

    I bought your theme to make my work simplier, and going through local enviroment I guess is going to make it harder for a user like me.

    Thanks, regards.

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    Alessio replied

    I think the only problem is the xml file. Is bigger because have more than 100pages with a lot of media.

    When you import the demo-content wordpress grab all media and resize each image with thumb_size generated by default ( 150, 300, 1024, etc ).

    Infact your error is this: wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php


    However try to reset your wp installtion with a plugin.
    Re-import all demo content with the default wordpress import tool.
    If you don't need WooCommerce not install the plugin ( infact woocommerce resize the images if activated ).

    Once of that if the imported import some media and other none is not a problem, just you replace the default image with yours, in fact the content of the pages is installed only some images missed.


    However if you have other problem with the theme, you can build the pages manually via Visul Composer.

    Another solution is a refund, but you need open a ticket from envato marketplace.

    Sorry for this inconvenience.

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    Carlos replied

    Thanks a lot for the quick response and alternatives you are giving me Asessio.
    I´m going to try as you said...